Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A little sunlight was all I needed to feel like the spring air was finally here. It starts off with cold mornings here in Texas (like literally, I had on a coat this morning), and by 1 o'clock, everyone is walking the campus in a tank top and shorts. Texas is the home for bipolar weather! After a six hour shift of sitting behind a computer for most of the day, I decided to catch a few flicks of what I wore today. 

I like to dress more relaxed on the days when I work, but still appropriate and of course trendy. It's amazing what a headband can do with some wild hair as well. When I woke up this morning, and I saw that the sun was shining, I thought that it was a great opportunity to give the highlighter denims a go. I paired it with a mesh nude colored knit that went harmoniously together and my staple leopard flats. Yes, leopard shoes are a must and turns everything from boring to fun! Also, it doesn't hurt to mix and match. Sometimes, things just don't make sense and that is not only a life lesson, but also a style lesson. My nautical headband added just the touch this work outfit needed. 

Outfit Details
Mesh Top: Relativity (similar style here)
Bottoms: Forever 21 (get them here)
Flats: Forever 21
Cardigan: New York + Company  

P.s. I loveeee Forever 21's 'Life in Progress' line. It allows for the wearer to manipulate the styles and make them more fitting to their personal style and permits a lot of versatility. Can't wait to see what they put out next!

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