Monday, March 25, 2013


I am definitely loving the idea of co-ords for the spring. Wondering what co-ords are? Co-ords are basically just two coordinating items; two items that were meant to be paired together. .It's funny that this is so trendy now because there was a time in my life where I hated to be "matchy-matchy" as I would call it. Now, I love coordinates. They can be so chic with the right prints or accessories. 

This one to the left is one my favorites and it's not as pricey as the ones you may see for street-wear during fashion week. An outfit like this is certainly youthful and reminds me a lot of the "playsuit." Mira Duma is one of my favorites when it comes to wearing co-ordinates. 

Also, "co-ords" are not just for women. Men are fully capable of wearing monochrome or co-ords as well. I love a man in prints! (Guys, if you want to see my ideas for you, please comment!)
Let me style you?
This can be worn in the daytime for lunch date with friends with a nice pair of sneaks or even at night to a fashionable shindig with a classic sandal heel. You could even turn it up a notch and add a nice statement piece necklace and neon clutch with a pair of pointed toe heels. The options are unlimited! You will never guess how much they cost- $83.99. Not bad for an entire fit. As I've said repeatedly, I am a trend-seeker looking to get the most for my dollar. I will settle for a Givenchy or Versace look-alike until I can buy the real thing. Just think of it as 'clothing inspired by.'
Hope you feel 'inspired by'


  1. My mom owns several of these co-ords :p I don't really like the idea even in the more modern trends, it does seem great on some people but it's not a trend I'll go for myself :)
    Maya - Archistas

  2. Hmmmm...this post definitely has me thinking! I've never been a big fan of "matchy-matchy" (totally used that term too!), but I think fashion and style is about taking risks! Great post...thanks for sharing!

    If you have a moment, check out my blog...

    Thanks bunches!

  3. where is this lovely set from ? :D
    - Sophia

  4. Hello. Where is this co ords set from? xx


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