Monday, October 21, 2013

Shooting with Yesi Fortuna

 photo db7e934f-fa68-44c7-ac7d-7c2c7e3d81ef_zps2703247f.jpg
 photo e4d8b772-2f4a-4b0c-8c05-49e367c11d33_zps9bb92af4.jpg
 photo ad77c746-41ba-48ac-8d5d-b2c65314222e_zpsb02f6bdc.jpg
I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Yesi of on a test shoot for the Dragonfly Agency. Hesper, the model was such a great muse to work with. It's so much easier to work with models whom are literally a blank canvas and you can manipulate them to any concept and they fit perfectly. Hesper was just that and she has a pretty gnarly name! These are just a few behind the scenes shots so that you can imagine the beautiful view from Yesi's rooftop and be inspired. We'll see the finished product in a couple of weeks!

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