Monday, November 18, 2013

Oaktopia Music Festival

Woo! It has certainly been a minute since I've touched the computer keys for anything other than homework so I am enjoying the leisurely strokes. I had such a great weekend and another awesome experience to meet truly cool beings. I did a favor for a friend and in good karma, she invited me to music festival in our town called Oaktopia (haha, "in our town" sounds country af).

Saturday, some friends, some old and new, and I attended the music festival that was just walking distance from my friend's spot. After a long search for her twenty bucks, we headed towards our first entry into the festival. Seriously, I felt like a caged animal. I had never had so much fun before nor felt such positive vibes. Everyone was so carefree, chill, and friendly. Each person I met, I felt like I had known for a while. We were surrounded by artistry, food trucks, and local musicians who clearly refuse to sell out. I mean the talent was thick and from those in the "in-crowd" it was quite the norm. I even ran into some familiar faces, like Hannah and Christin whom I always see on the fly, but never in a environment where we could truly converse; so we did that and it was cool. Between shows we would go back to my friend's spot to chill and listen to music. Finally, people who could appease my ears in intellectual conversations and a share for multiple genres of music. "Hey play earth, wind, and fire lets groove," said Sana aka my "good-time" partner-in-crime for the night. (Sidenote, that video is so tight.) I even got to kick it with Brea from Cosign Magazine for a bit, who was completely chill and I hope I get to see more often, which I have a feeling I will.

I really would like to give you a play x play of everything that happened that night, but it was just so much so I'll try to stick with the highlights.

OMG, so when on the square, you have to stop at Beth Marie's Old Fashioned Ice Cream. Because I like to be boring in some instances, I ordered a cup of cookies and cream ice cream (courtesy of my friend, Morgan.) However, the next time I go, I have to get the pumpkin flavor, that's what she and Sana got and it was so good.

Afterwards, we got to see She Banshee, which is a really great band at the Hailey's venue. Then we saw Brain Gang, and there came the mosh pit. People were live and aside from a crucial head bob, I tried to maintain my sobriety. Ever since, Morgan and I have been seriously chopping it up about music; the way to my heart.

Here are some photos:

 Peace (:

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