Wednesday, March 5, 2014

LIVING MAGAZINE: Take Back The Night

I had the lovely opportunity of participating as a styling assistant for the wonderfully conceptualized fashion editorial for LIVING Magazine. I posted about it in mid December and it has finally been published! (To see the detailed behind-the-scenes post, click here). Also, on the set was the amazing videographer, Chris Frasier who shot a behind-the-scenes short so that you can get the ins and out of the shoot as if you were there right along with us; you can find that video in the link to the magazine as well down below!!! I am so proud to have been a counterpart to such a hard working and prestigious team. As stated before, I met so many wonderful people and I have Juan Lerma (Stylist of The Dragonfly Agency) to thank for that! Thanks and congratulations to such a talented group of Eskimos who braved the blizzard to make this happen! Judging by the photos, you wouldn't know that it was 18 degrees that day! Enjoy! 


Photographer: Brandon Lyon

Photography Assistants: Steven Chan, Adam Hughes, Fatimeh Nadimi, Jose Benitez

Digital Tech: Brent Hughes

Fashion Stylist: Juan Lerma, The Dragonfly Agency

Jewelry Designers: Carinthia Kashaba of Couture Rocks, Britt Harless of Bohem Unique Gems

Stylist Assistant: Chelcie Guidry

Hair Stylists: Walter Fuentes, The Dragonfly Agency, Levi Monarch

Makeup Artists: Jerrad Trahan, La'Bella Mafia Agency, Shawn Cudé, La'Bella Mafia Agency

Videographer: Chris Frasier

Videographer Assistant: Kristen Farley

Models: Emily Williams, Kim Dawson Agency, Christina Reed, Kim Dawson Agency, Jojo, Wallflower Management, Tracy Ripsin, The Campbell Agency, Jalane Gilbert, The Campbell Agency

Image Copyright © Brandon Lyon

For information concerning wardrobe, accessories and more, link to LIVING Magazine: Full Editorial

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