Sunday, June 1, 2014

Vintage Martini's and Ready-to-Wear Cocktails for an Evening of Hope | Geoffrey Hennings Collection

wake up and smell the Chanel!

Tom Ford at Vintage Martini

The 60s zeitgeist is amongst my favorite fashion eras so I was nothing short of elated when Juan Lerma invited me to be his production assistant for the Evening of Hope AIDS Outreach Runway Show featuring Geoffrey Henning's interpretation of this spring's 60s mod influences. I enjoy contributing as much as possible to the production process, so I accompanied Juan for the pulling of accessories from Vintage Martini for the show. I have literally been sitting on the anticipation of this show for months and watched it expand and grow.  

It was my first time working the front of house so it was refreshing to actually watch the show and work at the same time. It was also nice to be surrounded by individuals that both I've worked with as well as the opportunity to meet new faces. 

It was a complete success! 

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