Saturday, February 2, 2013

Knits on Knits

Scarf: c/o best friend :) | Blazer: J. Crew | Sweater: Relativity | Pants: GAP | Boots: H & M

This outfit of the day is one of my favorites. It looks kind of regal (as my friend Cory would say), but it was very comfortable and fitting for the spring air. My roommate asked me over and over was I sure I wanted to wear white pants. lol She also asked another funny question, if we are not supposed to wear white after labor day, then how do we know when to break it out again? Personally I feel like the only time that white pants seem out of place is during the fall. However, white pants are in-style for the spring and can be complimentary to the bright colors. 

Now...about my

Friday was some kind of day. It was a day that was highly anticipated and it has come and gone (sadly). But a lot of life-changing experiences all in one day. But enough with the chit-chat because I have so much homework due like yesterday so it's really important that I am in and out of here. lol Okay, so on Friday, I work most of the day, but once I was off, I was headed to Dallas with my sidekick Morganne. There was so much traffic, but it was all worth it when we arrived on the steps of what will be Dallas' hottest vintage one-stop-shop. We shot a few interview questions with the store owner Kelsey, browsed around for a bit and even left with a goody bag! OMG, I bought a pair of J Brand jeans for $31!!!! For those of your whom are unfamiliar, those are $200 jeans! I'm geeked! Seriously, the prices are remarkable. It's not one of those consignment shops that will shock the hell out of you! I am a BARGAIN SHOPPER, so believe me when I say that the prices are mighty attractive. Oh, and it has the cutest little name, Thrift Kitten. We shot footage of the whole thing, but the editing process is still in place so stay tuned for that!Oh and before I forget, don't be shy in selling them your clothes either. They will not cheat you out of what your trendy clothing is worth!

The overall ambiance of the store is inviting and highly energetic! Not to mention, the complimentary cupcakes, fiji water, and modelesque owner was the cherry on top of a good shopping date. Thrift Kitten will be hosting an official Grand Opening next weekend, so be sure to check that out and follow all social media. You can access all of the above on the Thrift Kitten website (here) 10% off everything in the store for all attendees. See you there!



  1. Love the outfit! :D

    xx MJ

  2. You look great in those white pants, keep wearing them!!!! It's a fabulous outfit!

  3. I really like the way navy blazer looks with white pants! :)

  4. After reading this, I wished I lived in Dallas to get me a pair of $30.00 J brand jeans ! Your so lucky

    xoxo Emari

  5. Hey! You don't have to live in Dallas! They have an online store! Visit and you can order online!!!! I hope this solves the dilemma! lol

  6. LOVE this outfit! Gorgeous scarf and great way to style boyfriend jeans!



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