Monday, January 28, 2013

The feeling that you feel when you realize that you have met someone or invited someone into your life that you know is supposed to be there is indescribable. Yesterday I met with a fashion show coordinator for the Paul Mitchell school here in Dallas. There is always that initial icebreaker of getting to know someone, but Michelle (the Paul Mitchell representative) was extremely laid back and open to let me be a huge part of her upcoming project. I don't wanna lay it all out there now, but I'm going to be partnering with her for a major red carpet event/fashion show. I am so happy to have been introduced to her by a great friend of mine that just-so-happen to think of me and brought us together.

Then, I was doing some networking with a new business owner of a vintage shop that will be opening this Friday for an opportunity to cover its debut. The store owner, Kelsey, was so nice and willing to let me be apart of the soft opening and grand opening! I am loving the way my connect game is enhancing. At first, connecting with people seemed as hard as making friends, which in some instances can be pretty difficult. However, it isn't so bad and I am truly seeing that now.
It's amazing the things that are predestined to happen in our lives. Oh, the infinite possibilities...


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