Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hey! So this summer has been awesome thus far and I can just tell that things are heading in a very positive direction. I feel like a cacoon that just became a butterfly. Seriously, I have met so many great people in just the past 3 days. Great things can happen so fast and how quickly they drift away, but believe me, I am soaking it all in. You all know how I feel about achieving dreams and I feel like I am making that happen. That feeling alone is amazing. So where should I begin?

On Tuesday, I accompanied a few members of the magazine, and attended the private screening for Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's. I don't want to give away too much of the movie, but if you love fashion, Bergdorf's history or Neiman Marcus for that matter I would definitely recommend seeing this film. 

 Then Sunday morning, I had a styling gig with my lovely friend and photographer, Emilia Gaston on her concept inspired by the thriller, American Psycho. We shot at a nice studio in Deep Ellum that had pretty much everything we needed to ensure a successful shoot. I can never complain about a shoot where there is food for compensation either. To see more of the photos from this shoot, please visit the site here.

And the greatest time of all is the time I spent with my leading fashion stylist Juan Lerma. I love this guy to pieces already so assisting him is always a pleasure and I learn so much. Yesterday, he invited me to come along on his styling ventures for a corporate shoot for an international ad. Isn't that exciting? I was just so grateful to accompany him and we had a great time, even just shooting the breeze. We sipped white wine and felt that textures of so many beautiful pieces. We even had some small french lessons on french designers in between racks. lol What can I say, we were meant to be. lol After styling the clothing we met up with the diamond jewelry designer and owner of Couture Rocks, Carinthia Kishaba in her nice fitting Alexander Wang tunic, I had to snap a picture of her. She was so approachable and welcoming; I was so flattered to meet her, and I know that I will be seeing a lot of her.

& lastly I will be road tripping it to Houston this weekend. Life is good.

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