Thursday, July 25, 2013

Moment of Expression

Usually I don't like to emotionally express myself on my blog because I wanted to keep it strictly fashion based, but if I held this in, my readers would never truly know who I am. I vowed to myself that in year 22, I would let it all hang out, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I'm not biting my tongue for anyone nor would I conform to beliefs that I didn't develop on my own. With that being said, I'm usually a pretty deep thinker. I like to put things in a broader prospective and look at them from both sides (in many cases). But like your typical human being, I have my fair share of things I can't stand, dislike, and are completely intolerable. One of my main focuses lately have been my intolerance for society. Now, I know this is something that I, myself, can't change, but these are my thoughts.

SO I posted a status earlier on FB earlier, just to give a little hint to my rant and rave.

But this is something that has been on my mind quite heavily; not just today. What sparked my rant today stemmed from my online browsing (error number one). Lately I have become in-tuned with Willow Smith's style.

 I love Will and Jada's tactics for how they raise their children and I just love them as individuals and nonconformists. Today I was reading an article from a gossip column that said Will and Jada were having issues in their marriage because their 12-year-old daughter is acting too "grown" in her newly released video "Summer Fling." (read article here) (watch video here). Umm do they not know that parents actually talk to their kids these days and that her parents actually allow her to be creative and her own individual rather than growing up a prune? Aside from that, why can't people just mind their own damn business? Why does it matter if Willow's hair is multicolored? Why does it matter that her lyrics involve a summer fling? Why are people losing sleep over what other people are doing? I feel like the world would be a much better place if people just worried about what concerns them rather than creating a concern for themselves. I think gossip columns are so stupid because rather than enjoying your own life, you are consumed with stirring up controversy and negativity in someone else's. Then they say (not verbatim) 'why is Willow so melancholy all the time, she's rich, what does she have to be sad about?'  How THE hell do you know what's going on inside her mind? That's the things that you weren't able to comprehend as a child because you were too busy being a plain jane kid and having what you thought was a "normal" childhood? I just don't understand why or how these people live their lives with so much concern for other people that it is worth talking about fictitiously. That's where my frustration stems from, if you don't agree with something, cool. But don't try to coax someone else into believing that it's wrong because you don't agree.

The other day, my roommate brought up a valid point-- if people were only concerned with themselves, who would be there to have compassion, to spare sympathy in a tragic situation, who would there be to lean on? However, the beauty in having a choice is choosing to use your human power for good and not evil. To speak positivity rather than malice towards one another. Having an open mind would deter so much unnecessary negativity and ignorant commentary. Just because you live your life in a certain way doesn't mean that everyone in the world should live it that way. People are so equipped to sticking with their stubbornness rather than opening their eyes to what the world is evolving into. Teenagers don't wear skirts down to their knees nor do female parents sit silently and refrain from speaking to their children about life, sex and choice.

Sureeee... stand for something or you will fall for anything. I believe that all day, every day, but within myself. I don't ever want to pressure someone into believing what I believe because it's what makes people feel comfortable, or it's the norm. In fact, what if abnormality was the norm? Someone with a close mind can't comprehend that.

I could go on for days, and probably speak in circles, but I just had to let it out so that I wasn't overwhelmed with thought. I say all this to say that I wish people didn't speak with only themselves in mind but rather seeing both sides. Honestly, from the sight of a more conservative being they may think that they are nonconformist and that no matter how the world changes, they will hold onto their beliefs and what they believe to be right-- totally cool. Hey, do you!  But don't stop others from doing them.


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