Thursday, August 22, 2013

The summer before senior year

Life is moving like a freight train and I'm barely able to capture all of its most precious moments. I have never went home to Houston and had so much on my plate, literally. I had the opportunity to see majority of my family, coincidentally and on purpose. It was one of the roughest trips I had taken home in a while, but a lesson well learned was imparted by it, so I'm grateful for that. I did so much. I will try my best to explain it through pictures, but it may turn into a ramble. Just try to bare with me, lol; 

Soo, I arrived in Houston on Sunday afternoon. & of course, my rent ("mom") has all of the great channels my college basic cable does not have, so I kicked back for a moment and caught up on a few episodes of Daria.

What started off as a lackluster week in Houston turned upside down when my aunt tagged me into a long line at the Miller Outdoor Theatre that would end in a night of good vibes and experimental jazz by THE Robert Glasper. The stand out in the heat for four free tickets (per person) was well worth it. I had a blast and since I don't have four friends, I invited my close friend, Cyd, to join the festivities. I think we both wet our pants a few times and had great fun for old times sake.
The next day, my mom threw my Aunt Hattie a Jewelry/Birthday party. Who needs a body party, Ciara, when you could have a Park Lane Jewelry Party. haaa (You have no idea how much that tickled me!) I'm sure everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, but my favorite part was the red-velvet and moose bundtinis. 
A week later on the following Sunday, I spent a lunch date with my dad. I love spending time with him; always good eats and good conversation. This is my favorite dish at Toro's; it's the shrimp hibachi. Yummy! Yum! Yum!
Tuesday, I returned back to Denton where  I discovered that my new room had the perfect view of the moon and I knew that I would be okay to stay. 

I have to say it felt quite nostalgic when I ran my index finger through the crease of a previously licked letter to see the beautiful birthday card sent to me from a distant friend. I loved the idea of receiving a letter that traveled from miles away.
And now I'm relaxing in my new apartment. Hello Senior year, it has been a long time coming but undergraduate is coming to a close. 

See you soon New York,



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