Monday, September 23, 2013

A Vogue' Idea - A moment for inspiration

Yesterday, I was sitting on the couch of my college apartment alongside my roommate watching reruns of Sex and the City on the Style network. I always enjoy the reruns because I haven't quite bundled up the money to buy all of the seasons of Sex and the City for $100. Yea, I'm on a bit of a budget! lol Anyways the episode was called "A 'Vogue' Idea" and here's the part where I tell you what the episode was about- SO it's Carrie's first time at Vogue and she meets with Enid whom is a Vogue editor about the free-lance article Carrie would like to submit. The entire time Carrie is there, Enid is basically shooting down the article by saying "this isn't Vogue," or "shoes? what does Carrie Bradshaw know about shoes? She knows nothing about shoes." [SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE MOMENT] This is a huge deal for bloggers. This is a major case of someone's credibility being challenged. What makes what you have to say in regards to the fashion industry notable? Is there even an answer to that question?

Anyways, later on in the episode, Carrie is introduced to the Vogue closet for the first time  where she sees a pair of Mary Jane Manolo Blaniks. This episode was so magnificent to me because this is the Carrie before Sex and the City the movies. This is when Carrie had just moved into her own place in New York, she was not yet a columnist for Vogue, in fact, in this episode, she was having a money dispute with Charlotte about borrowing money from her. Maybe I'm late, but I just love how the show displays Carrie's growth in the fashion industry. She didn't always own that pair of Manolo Blaniks and she didn't always have the biggest closet! It took being shot down and basically broken into pieces by the Vogue editor just to become a better writer and to ultimately persevere. The episode had some funny moments too!

I just loved that episode and thought I'd share....

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