Friday, September 27, 2013

Supreme x Jean Michel Basquiat

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am obsessed with Jean-Michel Basquiat. I remember hearing his name for the first time in Art History while learning about Pop Art and the era of Andy Warhol. I also remember my friend having a pair of Reeboks with his art work on them in high school. The lineage in my love for Basquiat goes farther back than Jay-Z's latest lyrics in Holy Grail. It takes a truly great mind to interpret the drawing and messages of Jean-Michel. Graffiti artists risked their lives just to display a message. However, I wouldn't even go so far as to call it a message because a message requires a recipient, right? No, these artists would sneak into the most secluded areas to do their artwork for people to stumble upon randomly. When you see the crown, you've seen Basquiat. 

I absolutely love the line created by Supreme's "favorite" Lucien Clarke. I think that it sucks that Jean-Michel had to die before receiving the recognition he truly deserved, but I guess that is just the life of an artist. In fact, I think that if he was acknowledged, he probably wouldn't have been as receptive. I don't think that spectators quite understood Basquiat. In interviews, it always appeared that he was being asked a stupid question and he would answer so sarcastically. Even though it is a menswear line, I will still be wearing it. I can't wait to cop one of these pieces of artwork for myself! The line debuts September 26 online, and in-store in New York, Los Angeles, and London! 

source: highsnobeity

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