Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Through My Eyes

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That giant eye that you see behind me is going to be an installation piece of the Joule Hotel. If you're looking for a hipster spot to spend a few nights in Downtown Dallas, the Joule is my first recommendation!
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Mirror pics?! Yep!
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The Kenzo display!
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On Saturday, I accompanied my friend and mentor, Juan in pulling some looks for his November shoot for Bleep Magazine. It was my first time in Traffic Los Angeles and I knew that it certainly would not be my last. They are the ultimate store for men and women with great style. I literally had my jaw dropped in awe the entire time. Anything you could think of for a man, they had it; everything from Balmain to Kenzo. Under the partnership of the Joule Hotel, they sit right in the middle of the busy city and make for a great place to shop and stop. Their neighboring stores are Neiman Marcus, Traffic Los Angeles for women and a Comme Des Garcon pop-up store. Once the magazine is out, I can share with you guys what Juan and I came up with.

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