Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Checking In


After being snowed in for the past four or five days, you would think I had been blogging up a storm, but no my roommates and I watched movies upon movies and completely pigged out. The break that we needed was fulfilled. Unfortunately we were called back to campus today for a few hours of work, but since we've missed so much time at work, I guess it's cool  to be making some money again.  However, I won't say that the break was all games; it was also a time to brainstorm and conceptualize my next fashion moves.

Aside from being heartbroken that I wasn't cool enough to attend the Chanel Dallas show featuring Karl Lagerfeld, I had to discover some pick-me-ups of my own. I am planning a year-long project with one of my close friends whom is a photographer in Dallas and we are beyond excited! We are always looking for ways to work with each other and we have finally come up with a concept that will creatively suit us both.That project begins January 18th and we're still working out the finalization for it.

This week, I will be styling for Mieux and Mieux fore their latest look-book. I still remember reaching out to the owner when she first opened and now Mieux and Mieux has gained a significant amount of traffic over time and I"m glad to say that I was along for the ride. It feels great to be requested to style a shoot and I am so excited to be involved in this entity of her business. I'm realizing that a lot of the business connections that I have are from me reaching out to them- not the other way around. Fashion is one of those industries where success is only truly attained if you take the risks that are necessary. No one will hand you anything...ever. In working with the agency, I had to reach out to them and let them know that I was interested in styling; no one came and asked me, offered anything to me, or even knew that I existed. We are swimming in a large pond, in case you were unaware and it gets hard from time to time. But what you want to happen, you have to make it happen. Okay now I'm off my soapbox!

On Sunday, I will be assistant styling a shoot with Living Magazine, which was brought to me by Juan and Monday I will be solo styling a test shoot with Cosign Mag. I must say that I am very satisfied with the gigs that I have coming up and I can't wait to show you pictures. 

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  1. Its ridiculous how much more attention I get from the opposite sex when I shop at GL ONEALS!
    jeux de ninja


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