Friday, December 20, 2013

Late Post | Esé Azénabor Fashion Show Photos

Really late post, but I wanted to share with you the photos from the Ese Azenabor show that I posted about in early November (Read here). I was lead stylist that night with three assistants and 8 models.The couture gowns were beaded to perfection and the red bottoms were floating all over the runway floors. The models got to keep the awesome shoes they walked in; had I found a spare after the show I could have had a pair too. I got to shake the hands of the designer and tell her how much I enjoyed working with her. It Juan's milestone show and I was glad that he thought enough of me to be a lead stylist for his production that night. Anyways, it's always a blast backstage with the models as they frantically change between looks. I love the energy behind working runway. It's honestly a feeling that I can't describe.

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