Friday, December 20, 2013

LIVING Magazine | BTS

Assisting Juan at the LIVING Magazine shoot was number one on the to-do list upon my arrival in Dallas immediately returning from Houston, Sunday evening. Juan mentioned that we would be shooting all day but I had no idea that 10 hours would consist of four different locations, four models, and four designers (Lucy Dang, Escada, Roberto Cavalli and Le'Venity). Also, the wonderful jewelry designers Carinthia of Couture Rocks and Britt of  Bohem Unique Gems were also there to accessorize with their one-of-a-kind pieces. With that being said, we switched in and out of different hairstyles and makeup. By the 4th location, I was completely frozen and running on low fuel. I still had an hour drive into where my apartment is actually located, but it deemed all the more worth it after snapping a few behind-the-scenes photos. We started at the Lucy Dang showroom and studio where I drooled over the incredibly made Lucy Dang Mood Wall. The color arrangement was flawless, so snapping around the studio was inevitable. It was also great to meet such talented individuals. I can now say that I've worked with Brandon Lyon, an astute photographer that I don't mind mentioning in my portfolio. Until next time...

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