Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Random shoe cravings

I feel like the old me is back; partly because I had a craving for retail on my way to class this morning. So my old self, meaning the self that resides outside of 2014 and maybe even 13, is my craving for shopping. While riding the shuttle to class, I passed by a small yellow house on my route. Outside were two well-dressed women; one wearing a pea coat and one wearing thong sandals. Let me remind you that it is currently 32 degrees here in Denton so someone's toes are on freeze. But anywho, I got an instant urge for the "jesus sandal." I'm not sure how subjective the phrase "Jesus sandal" is but I'm also not sure how much I care seemingly since it perfectly describes the style of shoe I'm getting at. I just salivated at the thought of a camel colored strappy sandal to wear with a pastel and navy blue tribal printed sweater. Yes. I just thought of all that just now! 

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