Friday, January 17, 2014

Krule & Unusual

It's an astounding feeling to look at something and feel the validation that what you are looking for was destined for you. I'm not a huge fan of reading; I'm more of a visual person (how typical of me). Yes, I was the kid in class in the fifth grade wondering what happened to the books with the pictures. But, somehow the nostalgia of opening a new book and grasping the crisp pages between my fingers will never die out. A friend and I were venturing through the Southlake Town Centre when the two-story Barnes and Noble struck a curiosity nerve. My friend, in search of textbooks and Photoshop advice, I, in search of Vogue. As Morganne talked novels with the sales associate I stood with my jaw dropped over a Paris Vogue collectors edition. $39.95 was certainly not negotiable but it didn't stop me from flipping through every single page of runway after runway.

Of course, Vogue sits on the bottom-most row of the reading shelves to make you hate your personal style even more, but what I found hidden behind Vogue, Elle, and In-Style were magazines that were meant for my eyes to see from the start. Captivated by the Krule cover, I grabbed I-D Magazine, and instantly I knew that I wouldn't be able to leave without it. So I look some more. With a stack of magazines in hand, I journeyed to the second floor of Barnes and Noble to follow Morganne to her section. I sat on the floor, slightly listening to the Bollywood soundtrack being played, but more so engaged in the amazing visuals of each magazine.

"For the Culturally and Visually Hungry." I left reality for a minute and it felt great. The picture books just like when I was a kid. Next, I picked up the I-D because of course I saved reading most of it because I knew that I was going to purchase it. Literally $18 in my account and the magazine priced at $12.99 was coming home with me. I had seen this magazine before through Vice, but it wasn't quite the same as holding it in my hand, and King Krule was on the cover so I was far beyond impulsive.

Morganne called me crazy all the way to the register, but I needed this magazine in my collection to show people exactly the fashion world I aspire to be in; an actual creative one. Not the glitz and glam, modelesque, and typical runway stuff, but the outright, artsy, raw, and rarity of creativity. The awesome part about it is the creative world of I-D/Vice does have the high fashion aspect. Bu tin that aspect, they aren't adverse to nudity or homosexuality. They embrace every walk of life as most don't tend to do. The point is that I discovered another goal of mine. I already inhabit the creativity and passion to do this, but I discovered the place for me. Now I just need to get there.

Issue I bought of Mr. Krule. 

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