Monday, January 13, 2014


A new year is not all that is being celebrated this month. In fact, there are several intricate details that deserve small celebratory notions to give a proper introduction to a new year of new experiences. Most bloggers did a recap of 2013, but in my world, there's no need to look back. Feel free to reflect on your own, but my new year, new me desires only to look forward. With that said, let's move right on into 2014, shall we? This month, precisely on the 23rd marks the one year anniversary of my blog under this domain. In time, I have had several blogs of different genres, but I am finally home in my blog domain and the stability feels sufficient.As far as my aspirations for the year, I have declared 2014, the year of travel and exploration. I no longer want to say that I am going to visit certain places, but actually go. One year ago, I made it textually known that my daily goal is to exalt the beauty in the things unseen and it has been quite the journey to see those things come to fruition.The long-term goal is to make this a year of fearlessness. I am realizing that amongst creatives, many people are afraid to recognize their talents in fear of what other people will think of them.  I plan to live unapologetic and change the shy perceptions of myself when it comes to my passions and talents.

I was talking to a friend of mine on a road trip to Oklahoma this past weekend and I realized that I wanted to start a movement. A movement that consisted of any topic that I felt necessary to talk about however I felt it needed to be expressed. The movement will be called #weirdculture. Yes a hash-tag culture to be exact. lol. It will be totally at random because I want it to be organic, authentic and truly meaningful. I will only post under weird culture for topics that I don't feel are typically discussed or what some of the people I know like to call rare .

stay tuned.

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