Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Let's Talk Hyper-sexual | #WeirdCultureWednesday

First off, Lacoste's creative team blew this one out of the water. They were able to institute brand penetration through targeting their same target market with an assimilation to current trends for creativity and underground culture. With an artist as exclusive and brilliant as Disclosure to the visual presentation of the ad; I was pleased. Because lets face it, real creativity takes a lifetime to surface and lets' be real, we want them to stay underground. It does something to the sound when you show it to millions of viewers on youtube. Oh, and please let us not forget to shout out the wonderful producer who remixed this beat- Flume, Australian based engineer, amen.

So at the sound of a good beat, I am knee deep into searching for all of their music via sound cloud, spottily and youtube. So, let me share with you the sequence of events. A play x play as I like to call it. I was listening to my iTunes earlier when randomly Sunday by Earl Sweatshirt shuffled into my iTunes. After listening to it repeatedly, I went to Youtube to see if he or odd future had any interesting videos- no I'm lying, I got on Twitter and tweeted "Frank on Sunday" because Frank Ocean's poetry was so melodic to the beat. Anyways, I searched the song on Youtube and as the video was buffering this ad starts to play. My speakers are up load so I instantly hear the Flume remix glide in. The visuals in the video are mind-blowing and I couldn't contain sharing the video to all of my social networking sites, even my blog. So long story short, I found the commercial and watched it over and over. Then, I proceeded to find the song and even shouted out Lacoste for this production. But, then I came across the "official video." I love the concept of hyper-sexuality because it makes people so uncomfortable to watch strangers kiss, but this is actually quite beautiful. The concept is so simple; literally the same thing is happening the entire time and you would swear that after 60 seconds, I haven't watched it once. I love this video. Embrace creativity +

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