Monday, March 17, 2014

Inspiration | Solange

I really appreciate Solange's style because I feel that it matches my style journey in many aspects. Being from Houston, I have followed Solange's music and style since I was younger. I would run into her and Beyonce around the city all the time. In the beginning, Solange had a very similar style to that of Beyonce's. Very clean cut, slightly edgy, but still safe and unfortunately, normal. As the journey entails, Solange discovered precisely what she liked and took the necessary risks that flourished her fashion sense to date. We all have moments of looking back and thinking "what was I wearing?!" But they too are learning experiences that play a major role in the manipulation of our style to come.

I also went through a few stages in my life where I wore very prissy and girly clothing (as a result of my mother purchasing my clothing), but when I started to use my own money to buy clothes, I started to dress and wear what I felt was right for me which was a mixture of several trends. Of course, I went through a lot of error and regretful fashion moments, but I was always trendy and a counter part in the zeitgeist. Now, I have reached a stage in life where I don't really care about what people think about my personal style, I just know that I want to be different (as does everyone else). I think that it is very clear that Solange has discovered her niche and she has allowed her inspirations of Donna Summer, and Diana Ross, infiltrate her fashion closet.

Solange is absolutely my go-to fashion inspiration solely based on the women that have inspired her. I love Solange's Afrocentrism and heavy use of patterns (even if she doesn't recognize it as such). No matter how my style changes, I always stick with patterns. In fact, I have had to force myself into wearing solids and more minimal style clothing. Patterns are very bold and centralizes the spectrum between over the top and less is more!

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