Monday, March 10, 2014

What's Spring Without Blue Skies?

What's spring without its blue skies?

I guess you could say that the Daylight Savings Time or "DST" as my Facebook friends refer to it, has got me in the mood to make #polyvores on #polyvores.  I absolutely love the Placid Blue that is trending this spring, its so fresh and the pastel matches well with all colors! I mean, what's spring without its blue skies? According to Pantone, Placid Blue is in this season and resembles spring's breezy blue skies. The tone also makes for great casual wear whether it's lunch with your friends or catching a movie during matinee! The blue hue accents denim well and is effortless to pull together. It is very easily manipulatable and pairs well with all of spring's trendy colors!

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