Sunday, January 27, 2013

Quick post 
on a healthy treat my roommate and I put together last night. Lately we have been on somewhat of a healthy kick trying to transition over into a more healthier lifestyle ranging from our daily workout regimen to what we put into our bodies in the first place. It's one of the many pleasures of having a kinesiology major in the household. Anyways, we have both been researching ways to get our bodies into a healthier shape and one thing that we could agree on is that something gross in the form of a smoothie is much better than shake or health drink simply because smoothies incorporate more of a fruity taste. SO, we decided to make a detox smoothie from the Martha Stewart Smoothie App for iphone. One trait I have recognized about myself is that when I begin a cleanse, I like to say out  with the old and in with the new, even if it pertains to my body. But, the great thing about this smoothie is that it didn't taste so bad. My roommate may beg to differ, but I love the taste of honey and cinnamon and they were rich in this drink. 
the ingredients were:

frozen raspberries
pilled oranges  
100% pomegranate juice
oh and of course a blender

and voila! a very good and healthy drink. I know that this is predominantly a style blog, but style always looks great on a healthy body!

Also, today I am embarking on a new industry in the fashion world. I will be meeting with someone who will be kicking it up a notch for me and I am super excited. I love opportunities to meet and connect with new people. Stay tuned!


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