Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rambling | Moments I Spend with Myself

Isn't it weird that as we move forward in time, technology has enhanced disadvantageous factors such as error with a format called editing. Starting with feathered ink pins and scrolls of rubber used as paper, there was no route to turn back or go backwards. Everything within the forces of the universe cause us to move at a forward motion. It even feels funny to the ligaments to walk in a backward motion. Think of how discouraging it would be for someone to say "just go backwards, remember everything of the past, dwell on the things behind you and always try to retrace your steps." I wonder would the mind flow easily or would it be more complicated than it is now... Society speaks of technological advancements and innovations, yet we are taught cyclical methods and constant evolution. One fact is that nothing makes sense. We are all existing creating experiences with used resources. We actually have the choice to relive any experience we want. But most of us choose tradition, standardization and commonality. Rebellion is far too common these days and suddenly uncool to be abstract. Just stick to what everyone else is doing. There's nothing new under the sun so just recreate it. Inspired by everything, but what if everything is nothing. You can make it something. Success could be at the level of any measure. Let's move forward, but let's take it way back. Complicate the thoughts so the heart won't feel. What's on my mind? Then I go blank. One who is the best doesn't know it and the one who knows, denies it. What's the name of a nameless sound? Even when you get to the origin of a word, you won't know where it came from. Not all questions have answers is an opinion. Is philosophy man-made? I'm tired.


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